Ice Cream Dream Pack

A hot summer day isn't complete without some cold, refreshing ice cream. Kind of like life isn't complete without some Phat Ash Cookies? Yeah, I think that sounds about right. We couldn't resist creating this pack inspired by some of our favorite ice cream flavors. We have a little something for everyone with these bomb flavors. 

- Miss Betty Lee: Lemony cookie dough jam packed with Lemon Creme Oreos, filled with Raspberry Jam, and hit with a lil’ lemon drizzy. FIRE🔥 (exclusively in this pack, not sold individually)

- Rocky Road: So chocolatey, so so good. Decadent quadruple chocolate cookie dough, mixed with mini marshmallows, dark and semisweet chocolate chips, topped with crunchy praline pecans. Freakin bonkers, I tell ya! (exclusively in this pack, not sold individually)

- Chocolate Chip Cookie: Cookie Dough is Ashley's favorite ice cream flavor. So, here we are. Our classic Chocolate Chip cookie full of dark and semi sweet chocolate chips. A delicious classic, that will not disappoint. 

Sundae Funday: Our version of a waffle cone sundae turned cookie. WHAT?! We took vanilla bean dough and mixed in rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, and gooey marshmallows. Then we stuffed that bad boy with a fudgy brownie and topped it with chocolate covered waffle cones bits and fluffy marshmallows.