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Phat Ash Bakes

Ladies Bake Night - PRIVATE EVENT with Phat Ash

Ladies Bake Night - PRIVATE EVENT with Phat Ash

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Our friend, Nicole, has reserved the Cookie [Ph]actory for a PRIVATE Ladies Bake Night on Thursday, September 21st, 2023 - 7:00PM. 

Each guest baker will receive vanilla dough to make their own cookie creation! This private experience includes a guided class on constructing personalized "Phat" cookies - incorporating mix-in's, fillings, glazes and decoration. Bakers will go home with cookies and a custom one-of-a-kind baking apron.

Bonus: BYOM  (Mix-ins) - Have you been dreaming of making a cookie with your own Mix-Ins?! We'll provide our favorites and NOW, you can bring YOUR OWN unique mix-ins, too! Example: extra Large KitKats or Snow Caps or Specialty Chocolates!

Run Time: 90 mins
Max Capacity: 16 Guest Bakers
Drinks: BYOB
Price: $60 
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"Supporting small local businesses is cool, but sporting the Phat Ash Bakes brand is Rock n Roll!"


    We work out so we CAN eat cookies! Stay focused, balanced, and kind! Life is short, Grab Life by The Cookies!


    Our series of PET DOGS EAT COOKIES donates to local rescues that help fur babies!


    One day we'll be walking down the street, drinking a coffee, day dreaming about our next flavor drop... and see YOU wearing our shirt!


    We've got shirts, water bottles, socks, hats, and even a flag!!! Any way you want to support a small biz like us... we gotchu!