Corporate Gift Giving


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We’re not just bakers; we’re architects of edible joy!

In a world of predictable corporate gifts – the same old wines, the customary gift baskets – why not stand out with something as unique as your company? Enter Phat Ash Bakes, where our cookies are not just baked; they’re handcrafted, sprinkled with stardust, and designed to make taste buds do the happy dance.

Here’s why Phat Ash Bakes should be your go-to for corporate gifting:

1. **Artisanal Awesomeness:** Our cookies are not your average treats; they’re the unicorns of the baking world—crafted with love, flair, and a pinch of magic.

2. **Customized Coolness:** Want a personalized note in cookie box? Done. Craving a specific flavor medley? Consider it done. We’re the customizable gift that says, “We get you!”

3. **Flavor Fiesta:** From classics that’ll transport you to grandma’s kitchen to avant-garde combos like Cookie Butter Mocha, our flavors are like a rollercoaster for your taste buds.

4. **Memorable Moments:** Ever had a cookie that made you do a happy dance? No? Well, now's your chance! Phat Ash Bakes cookies create moments that stick.

5. **Team Bonding Bonanza:** Because nothing says teamwork like sharing cookies. We're here to break down cubicle walls and make colleagues BFFs.

We’d love to sprinkle a little Phat Ash Bakes magic on YOUR corporate gifting. How about a quick coffee (or tea) chat to discuss how we can turn your gift-giving into an art form?

Speaking of "forms", if you are ordering less than 20 gifts, you can fill out the form below, we'll contact you about the quantities you would like to ship, any customizations, and all the savings that you'll enjoy!

Looking forward to sweetening up your corporate connections!

Sweet regards,

Ash & Izzy
Chief Cookie Connoisseurs, Phat Ash Bakes