Tiffy Paints

Spotlight on Tiffy Paints: The Creative Genius Behind Phat Ash Bakes' Latest Postcard Art

At Phat Ash Bakes, we're not just about baking delicious cookies – we're also passionate about supporting local artists and showcasing their incredible talents. We're thrilled to introduce you to the brilliant mind behind our newest postcard cover art: Tiffy Paints!

Who is Tiffy Paints?
Tiffany Ramos, also known as Tiffy Paints, is a talented artist based in Orlando. With a unique style that blends vibrant colors, whimsical flowers, and expressive portraits, Tiffy's artwork brings joy and inspiration to all who encounter it.

The Paint Parlor:
Tiffany Ramos is the co-founder of The Paint Parlor, a dynamic tattoo studio located in Longwood, Florida. Established in 2021, The Paint Parlor became a space where established artists could refine their artistry and style without the pressures of a traditionally run commission-based shop. Each tattooer rents space as an independent contractor who runs their own business, handles their own scheduling, payments, client relations and more. The business model at the Parlor grants its artists the flexibility to work under their preferred conditions while also allowing them the freedom to manage themselves. The Paint Parlor is essentially an artist collective, working to put out the best art possible within the Central Florida area.

The Paint: 

Tiffany also sells paint at the Paint Parlor. When asked about the offerings she said, "Selling over 120 different paint colors. We are the only official distributors of DANG paint in the Central Florida area.

DANG Prime is a spray paint developed by graffiti writers for graffiti artists and muralists. Made with high-quality pigments in Spain. DANG is the superior quality spray paint for a better price you were waiting for.

Its combination of low-pressure output, soft pressure valve, and superior coverage paint makes DANG smooth like butter. Suitable for professional and commercial projects (weather resistant) or just to go paint with your friends for fun.

DANG's low price means painting more often, with more colors. Do what you love, let's paint!"

Phat Ash Bakes x Tiffy Paints Collaboration:
At Phat Ash Bakes, we believe in celebrating creativity and showcasing the talents of our local community. That's why we're honored to collaborate with Tiffy Paints on our latest postcard cover art. Tiffy's unique style and imaginative flair perfectly capture the spirit of Phat Ash Bakes, adding a touch of artistic magic to every order.

Join us in celebrating the incredible talent of Tiffy Paints and the artistic community of Orlando, Florida. We're proud to support local artists like Tiffy and showcase their work to our loyal customers. 

To learn more about Tiffany visit:  Tiffy Paints and The Paint Parlor.

Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and artistic endeavors from Phat Ash Bakes!