This the season to have fun with flavors and decorations! As a VIP Cookie Pham, we'll be sharing some of our holiday bangers with you BEFORE anyone else on the planet know about them! Without further delay... The Valentines Flavors: 

1. Phat Chocolate Chip

2. My [Snickerdoodle] Valentine - caramel stroopwafels, white chips, rolled in cinnamon sugar, caramel center

3. Kiss N' Tell - strawberry dough, vanilla pound cake, dried strawberries, white chips, lemon creme filling, cookie crunch topping, lemon glaze

4. Red Velvet Lover Boi - red velvet dough, Oreos, white chips, filled with cookie butter, and topped with a Biscoff creme cookie

5. Diamond Gurl - M&M's, Reese's Peanut Butter chips,Oreos, brownies

6. Cupid's Bow N' Arrow - chocolate dough, reese's pieces, oreos, pb chips, Nutella & fluff center, Reese's peanut butter heart

7. Cookies N' Dream [Lovey Dovey Edition] - pink (vanilla) dough, oreos, cookies & cream filling, hershey's cookies & cream heart

8. HOT 4 U - vanilla dough, peanut butter sandwich cookies, reese's pb chips, red velvet cake, topped with a hand dipped nutter butter

Valentines Cookies Phat Ash Bakes